Month: November 2021

  • Safwans Odyssey Devlog: 1

    Sadly I didn’t make dev logs at the start but now I thought it would be cool to do it, it makes me think that it looks more professional even though the whole thing is a waste of time. ## Finishing off Animation And The Next Stage I have nearly finished all the scene that […]

  • Building and Installing Zoho Docs on Linux (Arch)

    The easy Way Zoho Docs is a online cloud service with 25GB of free storage Handy things to have An arch based distro Internet Access and an iron will to get this thing working Installation Just copy and paste what is here into the terminal, if some commands dont run see if the verstion numbers […]

  • Fixing Audio Hissing In Ubuntu

    Many people have complained of a wierd wave hiss in there headphones. Nealy all ubuntu distros I have tried this sound will play everytime there even if there is no audio playing. My Fix: Some reason this works 🙂 I just found it on some forum somewere hope this fixed it…