2023 Update

So in 2022, I went on hiatus.

I stopped making any animations & music, I just stopped as I didn’t feel motivated and became depressed (for sake of my own sanity I won’t be disclosing why). Which is fine cause everyone feels the same at some point and some lucky people feel it more than once :/ so I’m not alone (I also don’t want to dramatise/romanticise my depression/sadness [not too sure what I had]). Due to me feeling “sad” we were unable to finish any show that we had planned for 2022 and ended up cancelling most of the shows. The only show that I still want to make is Dave Russels World Adventure, mostly because I had fun working on the story and scenes in grease pencil, but shows like spandaman saw my iron fist and were later axed because of lack of love for the show, the writer of the show has opted to turn it into an ebook so the idea is lost, it won’t be a show as of the moment (if it is to gain traction).

I fell out of my “depression” in October when I picked up improve piano then found out that making music was something that I was really into, and started slowly feeling better, kind of fell back recently but I am still moving forward for the better. The good news is I am relearning 2D & 3D animation as if you don’t use a skill you’ll lose it. So things are looking up, sadly there will be no more “whatever.green STUDIO” it will now just be whatever.green as most of the people I collaborated with have become busy with school and no longer have the time, so have I. So whatever.green will be from now on be a solo endeavour and the whole YouTube Channel and website will be updated, new logo and focus (and the merger with district847 my alt persona) spearheaded by me… Joshua

Bye, for now, see you all around in the future

Joshua 2023


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