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    After many months the website is finally back online !!!!! yeah soooo we had a little issue with our domain people?? thingy?? ok so we have this domain and magically one day the website just stopped working, we thought it was a server issue and we just couldnt be asked to fix, a couple […]

  • Safwan’s Odyssey Devlog: 3 [THE END AND RELEASE DAY]

    Safwan’s Odyssey Devlog: 3 [THE END AND RELEASE DAY]

    Its all coming to an end. Safwan’s Odyssey started in late September based on a true story of Safwan breaking his glasses. The script was written in less then an hour with minor changes throughout production. Read on to see when it will be released Animation animation started soon after in the studios favorite software […]

  • Safwans Odyssey Devlog: 2

    Safwans Odyssey Devlog: 2

    The next stage of safwans odyssey has started and possibly the last… Editing (Video) The preferred editor of WG is Sony Vegas and for now its been running amazingly compared to our previous editor KDenlive that used to crash every 2 minutes (We used this software for nearly all of Boi News Ep.) Release Date […]