After many months the website is finally back online !!!!!

yeah soooo we had a little issue with our domain people?? thingy??


so we have this domain and magically one day the website just stopped working, we thought it was a server issue and we just couldnt be asked to fix, a couple days later I SSH into the server hosting this website, and there was no issue!!??… So that means its a domain issue

SO we logged into our freenom account and the domain was no were to be seen!!??, meaning (i think) freenom must have taken our domain… I dont know if it expired or they just felt like yanking it but it wasnt there. So I went to and it was now directing me to some scam website.

I think after a while they gave up paying for it so it came up for free to purchase on freenom again…

So this is what i think happened:

Our domain expired, then someone must have seen that we get quite high traffic and bought the domain thinking that he could scam anyone, no one got scammed so he dropped the domain so i could by it back….

So thats the tale of how i got my domain back 🙂

Its nice having this website back, I feel back at home creating some new shows!!!!

Oh yeah keep posted on our twitter, Insta and Youtube Because we have finally finished the script for DAVE RUSSELL’S WORLD ADVENTURE and were getting ready to start recording the audio for it. its gonna be a short 5-6 min short with multiple EP so stick around. Its going to be our first really production

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