Safwans Odyssey Devlog: 1

Sadly I didn’t make dev logs at the start but now I thought it would be cool to do it, it makes me think that it looks more professional even though the whole thing is a waste of time.

## Finishing off Animation And The Next Stage

I have nearly finished all the scene that i have to animate the only scene left is the fight scene. This is the most technically difficult scene as I have to choreograph the fight. Ive been watching some Anime sooo I can just steal moves from them I think. We have hired a part-time 2D animator for this one scene.

### Video Editing

Video Editing is my pride and joy, its the first thing I have ever done on computers. Editing will bring this show together, but we have dilemer of what editor to use. My first choise was KDenlive but its very jAnK and crashes on me and has many rendering issues, Second was to go with one of my favourite Sony Vegas I found some crack somewere its timeline scrubbing is smooth but its only for windows and I can’t really get it working on my linux distro of choise Ubuntu.

## File Management

Something I prided my self from the beginning was how I kept all the scenes organised and easy to find.

### My Naming conventions/Sceme

A scene will have 1.[Scene: #]Scene Name 001.blend

n. will tell the file manager were to put the file in rows

then a scene number

scene name

001 is the amount of revisions

## Publication Meterial Is Out

There are new posters and a new website written entirly in HTML and CSS definitely without using a template…definitely…definitely not from W3Schools…

### Poster

The poster is made in Blender and GIMP. This was the first time I have ever used GIMP but it think it turned out pritty SMEXY

### Trailer

Not in the works yet but will be soon…

## New Logo!!

New Logo

Isn’t she a beauty…

Rip Weird Broccoli Thing?

Old Logo

## New Hires

2 New hires have been made and added to the WG (Whatever Green) team. Suraj Meme & Jamie Ramasamy. Suraj will be doing alot of 2D graphic work i.e. 2D animation, Jamie is our new production manager and will be working on the OST for EP.1.

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