Safwans Odyssey Devlog: 2

The next stage of safwans odyssey has started and possibly the last…

Editing (Video)

The preferred editor of WG is Sony Vegas and for now its been running amazingly compared to our previous editor KDenlive that used to crash every 2 minutes (We used this software for nearly all of Boi News Ep.)

Release Date ETA…

This show will be released some time around Christmas we dont have the final date (As many things still need to happen i.e. Trailer, Adverts and posters)

Some Backstory

Safwans Odyssey was a show written by Jamie animated by WG and Suraj. Production started about 3-4 months ago about a week after safwan did actually break his glasses while playing football. Animation and rendering was all done in blender and the poster was done in gimp. In other information we changed hosting providers for this website from bytehost to a server of oracle


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