Whats Next For The Studio

Even though safwan’s odyssey has been released the studio shall not sleep as we have got many more projects in the works for you… specifically you.

First of all thank you for watching Safwans Odyssey its has just surpased 100 views a few weeks ago and has been riding on that train new.

New Projects??


Welcome To Headspace (BACK BURNER)

Inside the mind of loretta is goes a being that controls the mind “Mother”. After a sudden loss in the real world “Mother” can’t cope and runs away from HEADSPACE and Headspace falls. (it sounds like some shit story its really not its just hard to convey the whole idea in 2 sentences)

Dave Russel Word Adventure (IN PRODUCTION)

A parody of modern documentaries, join Dave as he learns about the world he lives in. in a light hearted and vulgar way…

Spandaman (BACK BURNER)

In a modern day England a conspiracy arises and Spandan gets experimented on creating a super human.

Lets hope we can deliver all 3 shows by the end of this year!!


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