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Whatever green is looking for:

Voice Actors

WG is in need of Voice actors for our new production [Spandaman] there are many roles that need to be filled in:

Spike E

He his a raspy drugged man. That has a troubled past [Male]

Blood Burn

A schizophrenic man that has varied view on the world
speaks with abrupt pauses. [Male]

Back Ground Robot Characters

Speaks with tone and vigor. Doesn’t cross think things. [Male & Female]


Mutation speaks in a bored naive high pitch [Female]


Chef Constable

30 old man think he has power [male]

Isa, Spandan, Sarujan, Suraj, Jamie, Nathua & shas are Reserved characters.

You may also want to play as your self this is an option but will most likely be rejected.

2D and 3D Animators

Animators are in need for the production to!

Blender, Krita and opentoonz are the preferred software of the studio

Send in videos of your animation in the form below. This is a very mondain task

Character Design

WG is also looking for people that can do character design create a character by merging the reference below. NO prerequisite software is needed… The second picture is too show extreme facial proportions.

Background and scenery artist

needs to be proficient in interior and exterior design. Blender would be a good software to learn for this position but is NOT mandatory


Whatever Green is NOT a For Profit Org. We are looking to make no money from out shows. Workers, Work under a collaborative environment use Whatever Green as practice working under a freelanced work flow

Work Environment

Take as much time as you need all you need is finish between 2 dates. We are very lenient on due dates if you need more time you can get more time… Voice actors can’t leave the production until there part is done as we can’t get replacement


WG records in 2 ways either in the library or on a discord Voice Call. Library we use if we need a quick pick up or some error happened on out side.

Apply Here!!:

You can apply here: